Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Too much TV

Many things can be born of boredom.  But sometimes, it's just ridiculous TV watching.
For example, Unfaithful; Stories of Betrayal on the OWN network.  It's an interesting concept where they take couples that have dealt with sexual infidelity and start from square one all the way through the incident(s) and whether they "made it" or not.  I like the idea of showcasing that marriage (and all relationships) are work and how easily one can find his or herself in circumstances which they never wanted to be.  And I like that they tell stories of gay couples and even those with "alternative" lifestyles like swinging.
What's so ridiculous?  They have reenactments.  And not just actors, but fitness models that only resemble the story-tellers vaguely by skin color.  So these half naked, muscled people groping and grinding out stories of betrayal.  The biggest betrayal is the sensationalism of the reenactments to the theme of the show!  It's so ridiculous it's funny.  Check it out sometime.
 photo 20130204-unf-season-2-trailer3-600x250_zps3bd06c81.jpg

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