Saturday, February 22, 2014


I was drafting a cheeky "still pregnant" post with this picture:
 photo DSC08946_zpsba93c865.jpg

But then, wouldn't you know, at 38wks and 6 days, I went into labor.
At 5:30 Wednesday morning, I woke up to an intense contraction. I laid there and nothing else happened, so I dismissed it as my uterus again being irritated by my full bladder. I got up a quarter after 6 and due to spicy Thai for dinner last night, had an unpleasant trip to the bathroom. As I tried to wash up and get ready for the day, I kept feeling like I needed to get back on the toilet but it felt like upset stomach cramps, not birthing waves.  I finished dressing and went downstairs to try to make Emberly's lunch and breakfast, and the cramps started to form a pattern. At 6:50, when it was time to be getting Bauer in the car to head to daycare, I was pretty sure I was having contractions and was afraid to drive. So instead I shot a text to my photographer and midwife's apprentice. I undressed and hopped in the shower. It felt great, but did not make them stop, in fact, they started lasting over a minute. My midwife arrived and listened to her heart tones through a contraction and got set up. I went for my go-to seat on the toilet and the waves seemed to lose their "peak" and spread apart and I got a little worried that we'd be here a while and I'd called everyone too early. But every time I tried to stand, I'd get hit with a more intense wave that sat me back down. I decided to just not worry about how while seated it felt more like menstrual cramps than contractions. And sure enough, I started feeling like I had to go #2 again and when I tried to breathe through the urge, my body forced me to push. I reached down and felt the bulging bag of waters.  What?  Was it really already time to push?! I waited for one more wave to confirm the need to push and I moved out to our bed. I kneeled on the floor and draped myself over the edge of the bed. Damon and the kids were downstairs eating and my midwife thought she'd let them until birth was imminent. Well, next contraction, during which I was still trying to "breathe baby down" without actively pushing, she was crowning. So everyone came in the room and took a seat. Next wave, waters broke, I took a breath and my body forced me to push and out she came at 9:37 (at under 3hrs from the onset of regular contractions, labor with her was over 30min shorter than with Bauer and 2.5hrs shorter than with Emberly; if I were to have another baby {I'm not!}, I'm afraid of how fast it'd be)!  Welcome to the world, Charlize Athena (who nearly *everyone* was convinced was a boy for the last month!).
She weighed in at 6lbs, 10.5oz and 20" long. So despite coming over a week early, she's bigger than Bauer! And longer than Emberly was too!  Her siblings are so in love and want to hold her all the time.  She's nursing like a champ and so far, sleeping like a champ too!
 photo DSC08982_zps23e26c57.jpg

 photo DSC08972_zpsd7ddb803.jpg

Friday, February 14, 2014

Maternity DIY /3

I made this maternity maxi dress by taking a very old too-short sweater from Express (I think I've had this since high school!) and cutting it to empire length and then attaching a skirt of two way stretch jersey!  I put all the gathers over the belly but I still ended up ripping out the back seams and tapering it more to get rid of extra fabric that was pooling at the small of my back.  I also didn't bother actually hemming the knit fabric; just cut it to floor-skimming length!
 photo DSC089361_zps645244ca.jpg

 photo DSC089351_zps5425194e.jpg

Belt: Target, Necklace: F21

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We've been guessing and taking wagers on this baby's sex and weight.  And I've been wondering about what this little person will look like.  And then I was looking at Emberly and Bauer's newborn pictures and realized they were twins for the first several days.  I'm thinking this baby will also be pale with a button nose and a head full of dark hair.  But will he or she have blue or brown eyes?  Will his or her hair stay dark or turn red/blond?  Will it turn to tiny spiral curls or big sausage curls?!  Daydreaming...
 photo EmampBauerNewborncollage_zpsfbe393e7.jpg

Friday, February 7, 2014


The other day the Starbucks inside the Target I frequent was out of soy.  I'm not a fan of soy, or even Starbucks, really, but my limitless cheapness and the 5% off granted me there with my RedCard seemed to make it worth it.
I was forced to explore an alternative.  Enter Layer's Cafe.  They have alternatives to cow's milk and soy!  The caramel silk flavored latte is delicious.  And they have gluten free treats.  Salted Caramel Whoopie Pie?  Don't mind if I do.
Except I should!  I started exploring the Paleo diet before I got pregnant.  At first to lose weight, but I stuck with it because of how much better I felt.  Being stricter about dairy and not eating grains improved my skin, tummy issues and seasonal allergy symptoms.
Once I got pregnant, I got a little more lax about non-gluten grains because of aversion/nausea issues.  But I was still a good 90% Paleo.  And I was enjoying the benefits of feeling great and gaining even more slowly than when I ran through a pregnancy.
Enter the last trimester.  I would have off, low energy days that made sweets sound really good.  Added sugar isn't a grain or dairy, so, not sooo bad, right?  Wrong.  My off, low energy days seem to be crawling closer together and while some of it is undoubtedly the darling little parasite inside me, I'm also sure that the candy isn't helping.  And it's going to help less and become more of a problem when babe is here and I'm sleep deprived.
So, this weekend I enjoyed my Salted Caramel Whoopie Pie while promising myself that I would stop eating candy and other sugar laden treats and relegate my lattes back to a once-per-week treat I meant for them to be.  And hopefully I'll have this under control by the time I go into labor!

FYI, my favorite resources are nomnompaleo and against all grain!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Baby should stay cozy in there another couple weeks at least, but I'm 37 weeks today!  I bought my birth kit and got my prescription for the after-pains (seriously, they're no joke; staggering acetaminophen with 800mg ibuprofen didn't *touch* the after pains while nursing when Bauer was born. Like, can I just give birth again, instead?).  And my midwife affirmed for me that despite my paranoia caused by all the peri-navel-region movement, baby is left occiput anterior; meaning the baby is head down with the back and bum just to the left of my navel.
 photo DSC08868_zps800320e6.jpg
Necklace/Earrings: Charming Charlie, Jacket: F21, Dress: American Apparel

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Great Date

Want to laugh really hard while feeling like a horrible person?  Daniel Tosh can help!  Damon and I went to see him at the Mirage last weekend (his anniversary gift!) and it was a great show.  He's such a jerk and I wonder how much of it is his genuine personality and how much of it is exaggeration for comedic effect.  My favorite part might have been the nervous way the couple next to us glanced at me while they were laughing at a bit he did about if people would stop having kids.  It's okay people, I wouldn't come to a Daniel Tosh set if I was easily offended!
I'm still randomly laughing out loud when particular jokes pop into my mind...
 photo DSC08863_zps944034d8.jpg
{in the Terry Fator theater}

 photo DSC08859_zpsbf2821a2.jpg
{with the munchkins prior to leaving}

 photo DSC08855_zps8f24a61f.jpg
Blazer & Necklace: F21, Top & Booties: Nordstrom, Leggings: Asos

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