Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Emberly is a grade-A scaredy cat, especially of "decorations that talk," so we planned to just take her trick-or-treating at the mall where she was less likely to be frightened. But when we were on our way home, she saw kids in our neighborhood walking around in the dark, she decided that she wanted to, too. She did well! She squeezed my hand pretty hard and tried to get behind me a few times, but there was no screaming in horror, or terrified crying...
She was a "scary" pirate at a party last weekend and wanted to be a princess on Halloween so she donned her Princess Tianna costume from her Auntie Jim. And then Damon's aunt completed the look with the "princess" headband.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Makes me twitchy

I don't know why it bothers me SO MUCH, but I absolutely can't stand when I see people on the treadmill, with the incline turned way up, but then hanging off of the display console. WHAT IS THE POINT? If you're going to hang off the console so that your body is perfectly perpendicular to the incline, what, exactly, are you achieving over just keeping your body upright on a flat surface? I think most of the benefit is lost if you don't lean INTO the incline. I really think my eye spasms a little when I see someone doing that.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tricky Mirrors

Usually the overhead lighting in fitting rooms is just horrible. But at the mall today, at American Eagle, they must have some kind of magical mirrors because they almost convinced me to buy a pair of shorts on clearance that I'm probably on the end range of for age appropriateness. But I convinced myself that with summer being over and my determination to lose weight, I wouldn't get a chance to wear them and did not purchase. I'm thinking I saved myself from catching a wayward glance in some non-lipo mirror and being embarrassed.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hair Perplexion

I have nice, longish hair. Which, when you spend most of your life thinking it will never grow past your shoulders and always be poofy, it's hard to let go of it. But I also never do anything with it. It's braided in a ponytail 99.9% of the time. That's probably a huge part of why it's nice- I don't frequently take the time to do the exhaustive heat styling to wear it straight, nor let product build up in it to wear it curly because I feel like it's a waste of time/money when I have to wash it so frequently due to the basically constant workouts.
Part of me wants to cut it drastically. It'd probably be easier to style curly that way- less to be tangled, less product needed. Another part wants to just go to the salon more frequently and let my stylist deal with it and make it purty. But that's moolah. *sigh* Looks like for now I'm just going to leave it alone.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have a love /hate relationship with running. It seems that a run is either torturously bad or zen-quality-clarity good. Today was one of those days where my breathing just hit a rhythm and I didn't check the clock/pace/distance every 20 seconds, and my 50min was up before I knew it. I just ran and thought. Runs like these make me think about training for another half-marathon. Bauer lets me sleep pretty well, and I often wonder how well I would do not pregnant. hmmmmmmmm...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I got Emberly snazzed up yesterday and we spent about 45min outside just snapping a million and one pictures. We both had soooo much fun. I love it when she is in model mood!
I put together a holiday card using some of the pictures and I seriously HEART it. But, I had to scratch it for fear of inciting a riot if I left Bauer off the holiday card. It's hard to get a natural lighting picture of a fidgety 3mo old. But I tried and I like the new card enough. RIP trendy holiday card.

Snowflake Elegance Christmas Card
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Check your pulse

...if you don't think this is cute:


Damon and I were both busy in the kitchen (no, not as a team like the annoyingly cutesy Neely's LOL) and Bauer wanted to be part of it. So against all my husband's objections to using a wrap, I was able to strap Bauer onto his back. And Bauer loved it. He looked around for maybe 10min before conking out back there.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oreos, part duex

They were ridiculously delicious. I used the filling recipe from Smitten Kitchen, using Spectrum Organics shortening to avoid the hydrogenated oils (I didn't use her cookie recipe because I wanted the cookies to be crispy like store bought, though I might see how I like soft cookie sandwiches in the future...). They were a hit at the Halloween party too. The hubby isn't an Oreo fan, so while he could appreciate that I was spot-on, he wasn't enthused about the cookie. Whatever, Emberly and I didn't need help inhaling them!
Here are some images for your mouth-watering enjoyment!


Friday, October 22, 2010


A conversation with some friends the other day made me think about cookies. I prefer to make them rather than buy them. I love homemade cookies, especially if I made them and got to eat some dough. The only ones I could think of that I still buy at the store are Oreos. And I actually don't buy those, but the Joe Joe's at Trader Joe's, since they have no hydrogenated oils. Why?! I should try to make some! But I can't just make some, because then I will eat them LOL I'm taking the kidlets to a Halloween bash tomorrow and that's the perfect opportunity for me to try, eat a couple and then let others eat them to save me from myself.
I decided the best way would be to make chocolate wafers, then fill them with vanilla creme. My first attempt was using a low-fat recipe and it came out like oreo cookie crumbs, and there was no way I could shape a log to slice for the wafers. Hey, I honestly tried. So full fat it is. The new recipe I found used nearly 3x as much butter LOL The log is in my fridge now. I'll bake them tonight and fill them tomorrow. The dough was bomb, so I suspect that they'll be delish.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


But not best.
So my bubba...
...turned 3mo old yesterday. So I am also 3mo postpartum. And despite the gym time, I cannot seem to break into the 140s! I teeter from 151-154, depending on how much I ate over the weekend. I'm eating healthfully but some days I'm just not satisfied until I'm on the verge of being uncomfortably full. BUT, not focusing on the numbers, I have seen plenty of results. My pants are looser. I even made sure they were freshly washed and dried when I tried them on, so that I wasn't playing mind games with myself with jeans that were sagging because I wore them twice already (because I will wear a pair until I inevitably get food or spit up on them LOL). My ab muscles though are still pretty weak. They ache after runs and I still can't do walking lunges. I'm not sure if I should take it easy or work them more... I didn't attempt real exercise until my daughter was 6mo old, so I don't have a frame of reference for what to expect at 3mo.
So here are my 3mo postpartum progress pics, a self portrait session attempting to gain some appreciation for the "curvier" Amber ;)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Citizens for a Fragrance Free America ;)

It's becoming a new trend for fragrances to be banned in the workplace. I love this because while I generally enjoy a lot of scents, I rarely come across one that doesn't congest my sinuses and give me a headache after five minutes or so. My favorite example was the Flonase I was prescribed as a teenager. It was scented. Who's genius idea was it to put fragrance in something being shot directly up people's nasal cavities?? I can't stand when it smells like someone took a bath in something rather than delicately placing a scent. Why do some people want you to smell them for half an hour after they've left the room? I think that you should have to be hugging someone to smell him or her. I personally use unscented everything and rarely apply my favorite perfumes because I'm just too sensitive. I've had to abandon my favorite elliptical at the gym because there are only two of the model, right next to one another, and there's a lady that gets there before me and is there still 45min later when I'm leaving and she smells really strongly of a soap. It's a nice smell but overwhelming and headache causing.
I was forwarded an interesting brochure at work that Mendocino County is distributing about fragrance in the workplace and learned some new things. While the FDA regulates most ingredients in things that are scented like perfume and make-up, fragrances are exempt because they're "trade secrets," so who knows what chemicals are vaporizing into the air and intoxicating us!
They also touched on another pet peeve of mine, the use of air "fresheners:"
"Clean indoor air should not smell of anything. If it has a chronic stale, musty or strange smell, it could indicate a problem that should be addressed, not covered up, in your workplace."
I especially hate their use in restrooms. They don't cover up the smell of urine and poo; it just now smells like ass and potpourri. Wonderful.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seat Holes

There was something I wanted to blog about. I even remember that I was about to look up a picture to use on one of my tabs. But that tab was currently displaying a retailer's site and I got distracted. And now I can't remember what I was so anxious to blog about.
So, instead, I'll talk about my sweat pants. I actually ganked them from my late little brother. He stole mine, so I in turn stole his. They're too short for me, so I can only imagine how ridiculous they looked on him being 5 inches taller than me at 6'4"
But, they're pretty cozy and I use them as lounge pants/pajamas. And aside from pictures, I'm pretty sure it's the only thing I have from him. So when I spotted them in my armoire, I smiled, pulled them out and put them on, wondering why I hadn't worn them recently.
Then, as I was driving to pick up my daughter, needing to stop at the store on the way (that's right, I would wear sweats out in public ;) ), it popped in my head. There's a hole in these. In the seam. Right over my butt crack. A seat hole.
What to do? I didn't have anything in the car to put on or cover my butt, so I went about my business pretending that I had no idea and no one said anything to me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Apparently someone clicked on an ad on my blog and I've made 46 cents! Shoot, I may just quit my job.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So my 3yo is extremely afraid of bugs. We urge her to kill them and put them in the garbage. No cigar.
Now, when she's mad at us and wants to threaten us (typically for changing the TV channel away from Nick Jr), she tells us that she's going to kill us and put us in the garbage. It's ridiculously hard not to laugh and let her know that's not a nice thing to say.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Making of a Style Icon

Emberly has been my little fashion doll for a while...
She loves dressing up and already has her own opinion of what is cool.
I want to foster that and help keep her unique. I want her to find inspiration in her closet when she's older and not be a xerox copy kid in high school, wearing the same overpriced crap as everyone else. Maybe my interest in fashion will continue to rub off on her, especially since it's much easier (and less expensive) to be kooky and creative with a kid!
I was inspired by the socks with heels look featured at J. Crew (speaking of overpriced... it's nice stuff, but geez...).
Take some brighter kiddie socks and my daughter's favorite little bowed wedges, and voila, I think she's just too cute :D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Praise the Lord

Steven Seagal, Lawman is back for another season on A&E.
He is so entertaining without meaning to be. He states the obvious. He's always trying to talk to people and be the compassionate one. He's a backseat driver. He has a ponytail.
On the season premiere, they pull over a man who is driving his truck with a beer can right in the center console cup holder. He hesitated to pull over because he didn't want to go back to jail. He had just served 5yrs. For guess what? Driving while intoxicated. Surprise, surprise. They give him a field sobriety test and an officer asks him to follow his finger. The man can't focus on his finger going back and forth. He tells them "My eyes don't move like everyone else's eyes." *eyeroll* No shit, they move like a drunk person's. Dunkaduballs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Poor Space Planning

I had to use the restroom after I got Emberly into her tumbling class this morning. I open up the stall door and there's a koala care changing station that opens up right over top the toilet. As a multi-tasking mother, I am quite upset that they would try to prevent me from simultaneously going to the bathroom and changing a diaper. How dare they.


I could spend a day sipping on coffee and snacking on rich chocolate while reading a good book. Hasn't really been an option in a long while. My mom has read books electronically for a while now, but I've just never been totally convinced that the books I want to read would be available in that format and thus couldn't justify spending money on a reader. But now I find myself noticing all the times that I could be reading. Sitting outside one of Emberly's classes. When I'm letting Emberly watch a NickJr show. Anytime that Bauer is asleep on me (which I've tried to knit but it's really harder to do than it seems it should be). Or when he's asleep in the bedroom and I'm too tired to watch something but would love to quietly get a chapter in before drifting off into zzzland.
So I'd want something that was back-lit and easy on the eyes, since I'm pretty sure I've already done significant damage to them with the hours I've sat in front of the computer in bad lighting.
First on my list to read would probably be Disintergration, which I've been intrigued to read since the author was the guest on the Colbert Report.
Kindle? Nook? Some other dedicated reader? Suggestions welcome.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Emberly has a hard time with the concept of personal space when it comes to me and her brother. I thought maybe if I used a metaphor, a bubble, it would help her. I told her I have a bubble around me, please don't pop my bubble. She gave me the most concerned face, proceeded to stroke my leg and said "I won't pop your bubble, I'll just rub it and be gentle."
So much for that one.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cooking Club

So I met up with a couple of moms to start a "cooking club." We each made something, brought it and exchanged recipes. I, of course, made my favorite cookies. That way, even if I didn't like anyone, at least I got to have a couple cookies :D
There was some yummy gaucamole, a tasty pasta dish (it had feta in it, need I say more...), and some cheesecake bars.
It was a nice small group, which might seem disappointing, but I think it worked well because everyone got to talk to each other and get to know each other a little bit.
Another plus to working part time for a little while; maybe after 4yrs of living here, I'll actually make some of my own local friends LOL

Friday, October 8, 2010


I do bedtime by myself pretty frequently because Damon is working/at school/socializing. Pre-Bauer, Emberly's bedtime delay tactics were mildly annoying. Telling her that she didn't have to go to bed, but could read or play quietly in her room until she was ready cut down significantly on the resistance and she just about always was asleep within 10min of going in there.
Well, now, Bauer has trouble soothing himself back to sleep after that sleep transition the first 30-45min after being laid down. Sometimes he cries out a couple times only to whimper, suck on his fist and go back to sleep. Other times he escalates into all out screaming withing a few minutes and I need to go in there and pick him up, pace while patting his back, shhhing in his ear and usually a bit of nursing until he's calmed down and is drowsy enough to go back down.
Inevitably, this will be the time that Emberly chooses to call from her room about how her tummy hurts, her blanket is messed up, I forgot to turn her music on, or her sippy is empty. And she never settles for "just a minute," she incessantly chants my name. And no matter how quietly and calmly I try to respond, Bauer senses my deep irritation and begins to cry, starting the whole pat-and-pace process anew.
Is it child abuse to stuff a sock in her mouth and tape it there? Just for nights. I'll totally take it out in the morning.

That Oprah!

Add clairvoyance to the list of Oprah's magical powers LOL No sooner do I post about my love of cheese does she have Martha Stewart on the show to show us delicious variations on grilled cheese. What. the. hell. She can't be that clairvoyant though, otherwise she would have known I'm trying to lose weight and didn't need to see this. Though, at least it isn't loaded with sugar... (see how I'm already rationalizing why I should have one :D)
And, as everyone with any sense knows, friends don't let friends live in Ohio. However, I don't know of any stipulations on visiting. Visiting might be too strong of a word. How about driving through to somewhere better and stopping at a diner in Cleveland that was featured on Man vs. Food later that same night where they made the most delicious looking, clog-your-arteries and constipate-you-for-days double decker grilled cheese sandwich. It actually had so much going on that I wonder if it really tasted that great, but I'm willing to try.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love Sex Magic

Okay, so this video is totally old, but it came on my gym's video channel when I was running today and I was reminded how much I like it. Nothing like a good beat and some nice sexual tension to help keep up the 9min mi pace when I want to walk!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Winging it

My husband is really resistant to following a recipe. I understand that chef's invent new dishes and meals on the fly. But they're chefs. They can wing it because they've learned about cooking and have have tons of experience with how flavors and textures work together. They're building off of things they've tried before, likely from a recipe. They don't think salt is a cure-all, nor is their idea of seasoning something to just sprinkle on a bit of everything in the cabinet.
I admit, I like to modify things- I'll try a recipe as written once or twice before tweaking it to suit my taste. But Damon, he's insulted that I would even recommend that he find a recipe to try. And I don't know why, everything he's made after finding a recipe that sounded good has been delicious. People love his lamb kabobs!
Tonight was a wing-it night because he wasn't in the mood for one of my easy go-to meals (remember, I started back to work today). Silver lining, he's helping me lose weight since I opted for a small snack instead of his "chicken surprise." LOL

Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Day

Bauer is 2 months and 2wks old today and it is my last day of maternity leave. Emberly will resume her 3 days a week daycare schedule, and I will be working part time to start. I thought I would be anxious about it, but I'm not really. Sure, I'd love to keep spending my whole day every day just playing with my babies, but working while Bauer naps during the week doesn't seem so daunting. At least compared to when I went back to work full time when Emberly was so little and I was struggling getting 8hrs in daily. Though I don't think I was ever a particularly immature person, I've grown up a lot since I was pregnant with her. I'm so glad we budgeted for me to have leave this time. I much prefer fond memories of infancy rather than stressed ones.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Typically, I browse magazines and style blogs and get a bit depressed that I a) shouldn't buy clothes and b) wouldn't wear it anyway because it'd just be covered up with my wrap or in the way when I need to nurse. So, I get a little excited about trends that I like and go well with the mother-of-two-wee-ones lifestyle. Something I started seeing back in the spring: Chambray. Work-shirts are awesome because they button up the front, thus easy nursing access. But I'm loving other uses I see too. Like this military style shirt-dress and one-piece for baby boys. And I thought it was going to be boring dressing a little boy. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black People are Handsome

"Am I beautiful, Emberly?"
"No, you're black."
"Is Mommy black?"
"No, she's beautiful, like me."
"What about Bauer, is he black?"
"Nope. He's beautiful."

That was the beginning of a hilarious conversation we had with our daughter the other night. After several more questions we figured out from where these notions came. She and her dad had a conversation about men being handsome, not pretty (or beautiful). Daddy is handsome, not pretty. Dad is also black, ergo, black is handsome, not pretty. And since she and I are pretty, we are not black.
Her logic skills are astounding!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I lurve cheese. Real cheese, not cheese "product," like American or Velveeta. I like sharp and extra sharp cheddar. Gouda, pepper jack, feta, bleu. Give me goat cheese with my fruit and nuts. Give me nachos with manchego and panela. Pile my pizza high with mozzarella, fontina and Gorgonzola.

Good Son

I took Bauer to the gym today. I sucked it up and did it. He's 10wks old. I didn't leave Emberly there until she was potty trained! I have inhibitions about anyone being able to care for my kids the way I can, I guess it's just the type A in me. But someone made a good point to me about how it would be better to take him now for short workouts before separation anxiety sets in. He was in there for 40min total and they never even had to take him out of his carrier; he just looked around and sucked on his hands the entire time. And since I went to the gym all the way until I went into labor, they were all excited to meet him too.
I ran 2mi for a warm up, then did upper body weights. Felt really good to be back! If he continues to do well in the playroom, I'll get back up to at least 4x a week. I feel confident that I can lose 2+lbs a week working out that much. Maybe I'll fit into one of my little dresses by my husband's 30th birthday in November!