Sunday, October 10, 2010


Emberly has a hard time with the concept of personal space when it comes to me and her brother. I thought maybe if I used a metaphor, a bubble, it would help her. I told her I have a bubble around me, please don't pop my bubble. She gave me the most concerned face, proceeded to stroke my leg and said "I won't pop your bubble, I'll just rub it and be gentle."
So much for that one.


  1. how old is your daughter? we have the same issues. She is constantly ON US. lol. You look great btw (the pics on your other blog)

  2. Thanks!
    My daughter is almost 3.5. She's always been attached to my hip. Most of the time it's cute and I don't ever want her to NOT want to be with me, but geez-louise, sometimes I'd really like just a little bit of room. Just a little. LOL