Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Day

Bauer is 2 months and 2wks old today and it is my last day of maternity leave. Emberly will resume her 3 days a week daycare schedule, and I will be working part time to start. I thought I would be anxious about it, but I'm not really. Sure, I'd love to keep spending my whole day every day just playing with my babies, but working while Bauer naps during the week doesn't seem so daunting. At least compared to when I went back to work full time when Emberly was so little and I was struggling getting 8hrs in daily. Though I don't think I was ever a particularly immature person, I've grown up a lot since I was pregnant with her. I'm so glad we budgeted for me to have leave this time. I much prefer fond memories of infancy rather than stressed ones.

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