Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Winging it

My husband is really resistant to following a recipe. I understand that chef's invent new dishes and meals on the fly. But they're chefs. They can wing it because they've learned about cooking and have have tons of experience with how flavors and textures work together. They're building off of things they've tried before, likely from a recipe. They don't think salt is a cure-all, nor is their idea of seasoning something to just sprinkle on a bit of everything in the cabinet.
I admit, I like to modify things- I'll try a recipe as written once or twice before tweaking it to suit my taste. But Damon, he's insulted that I would even recommend that he find a recipe to try. And I don't know why, everything he's made after finding a recipe that sounded good has been delicious. People love his lamb kabobs!
Tonight was a wing-it night because he wasn't in the mood for one of my easy go-to meals (remember, I started back to work today). Silver lining, he's helping me lose weight since I opted for a small snack instead of his "chicken surprise." LOL


  1. OMG, I'd love to try his 'chicken surprise'. I'm rolling on the floor! Awesome!

  2. Haha, Hanna! Emberly choked it down with just a few complaints, so it was, at least, edible :)