Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Son

I took Bauer to the gym today. I sucked it up and did it. He's 10wks old. I didn't leave Emberly there until she was potty trained! I have inhibitions about anyone being able to care for my kids the way I can, I guess it's just the type A in me. But someone made a good point to me about how it would be better to take him now for short workouts before separation anxiety sets in. He was in there for 40min total and they never even had to take him out of his carrier; he just looked around and sucked on his hands the entire time. And since I went to the gym all the way until I went into labor, they were all excited to meet him too.
I ran 2mi for a warm up, then did upper body weights. Felt really good to be back! If he continues to do well in the playroom, I'll get back up to at least 4x a week. I feel confident that I can lose 2+lbs a week working out that much. Maybe I'll fit into one of my little dresses by my husband's 30th birthday in November!

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