Monday, October 11, 2010


I could spend a day sipping on coffee and snacking on rich chocolate while reading a good book. Hasn't really been an option in a long while. My mom has read books electronically for a while now, but I've just never been totally convinced that the books I want to read would be available in that format and thus couldn't justify spending money on a reader. But now I find myself noticing all the times that I could be reading. Sitting outside one of Emberly's classes. When I'm letting Emberly watch a NickJr show. Anytime that Bauer is asleep on me (which I've tried to knit but it's really harder to do than it seems it should be). Or when he's asleep in the bedroom and I'm too tired to watch something but would love to quietly get a chapter in before drifting off into zzzland.
So I'd want something that was back-lit and easy on the eyes, since I'm pretty sure I've already done significant damage to them with the hours I've sat in front of the computer in bad lighting.
First on my list to read would probably be Disintergration, which I've been intrigued to read since the author was the guest on the Colbert Report.
Kindle? Nook? Some other dedicated reader? Suggestions welcome.

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  1. It's probably a great time to buy an eReader as they have come down in price dramatically! I'm very happy with my kindle. It isn't backlit, but I think it would be harder on the eyes if it was (like a computer screen). I think most of the reviews ranked Kindle as having the best selection. I know we don't necessarily read the same type of books, but so far, there has only been 1 book that I wanted to read that wasn't available on Kindle. I think the biggest drawback is the price of books. I can be a bit of a cheapskate at times, and prior to owning the Kindle, would trade a lot of books with friends, borrow from the library, or buy/sell at the second-hand book store. You obviously lose the ability to sell/share with an eReader.