Friday, October 22, 2010


A conversation with some friends the other day made me think about cookies. I prefer to make them rather than buy them. I love homemade cookies, especially if I made them and got to eat some dough. The only ones I could think of that I still buy at the store are Oreos. And I actually don't buy those, but the Joe Joe's at Trader Joe's, since they have no hydrogenated oils. Why?! I should try to make some! But I can't just make some, because then I will eat them LOL I'm taking the kidlets to a Halloween bash tomorrow and that's the perfect opportunity for me to try, eat a couple and then let others eat them to save me from myself.
I decided the best way would be to make chocolate wafers, then fill them with vanilla creme. My first attempt was using a low-fat recipe and it came out like oreo cookie crumbs, and there was no way I could shape a log to slice for the wafers. Hey, I honestly tried. So full fat it is. The new recipe I found used nearly 3x as much butter LOL The log is in my fridge now. I'll bake them tonight and fill them tomorrow. The dough was bomb, so I suspect that they'll be delish.

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