Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Forty-three of Fifty-two

 photo 8b9e4637-8620-4867-93e3-b40df41e1f45_zpsa5211faa.jpg
{alternate costume for dance practice}

 photo d4e6efb5-dcbc-409f-b1a9-abd1659ce95f_zps4d332f57.jpg
{"reading" a recipe on his computer and juggling several simmering pans like mommy}

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Weekend

This year might be the most fun we've had with Halloween yet; despite Emberly's return to scaredy-cat-dom.  Last year she was really into "scary" Halloween and we thought she had grown out of it but this year she's back to having nightmares if she sees a fake spider :/
Anyway, we went to our neighborhood Fright Night, a cookie/cupcake decorating party and Treat Street at Tivoli village.  The kids had a lot of fun getting to wear their costumes all weekend.  I enjoyed decorating cookies and cupcakes way more than I probably was supposed to (it was for the kids!).
Last, I went with Damon and a friend to a trio of haunted houses.  The age limit was 7 and up for 2 of the 3, but the website said nothing about pregnant women.  So, we assumed it was like Disneyland and that I would be able to do the ones that younger kids could do.  Nope, we got there and they wouldn't let me into any of them.  Fine!
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Friday, October 25, 2013


I love fall.  I like moderate temperatures.  I like hot chocolate and salted caramel mocha.  I love the color orange and pumpkin pie spice.  But, I don't like pumpkin.  It's gross, sorry.
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 photo DSC07900_zps4080b8e0.jpg

 photo DSC07902_zps0f0f4e14.jpg

Cardigan, shorts: F21, Top: Martin + Osa (thrift), Belt: Target, Shoes: Bandolino

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Weekend

I used this weekend to get on top of things!
I went through my shoes.  Some of them are tied to some really fun modeling memories or club nights but I let them go!
I cleaned our bathroom.  Just Damon and I use it so it doesn't end up getting the attention the powder room and guest/kid bathroom get.
I finally talked to our babysitter after she'd been gone all summer.  She came and watched the kids while we went on a date to see some friends from out of town.
I watched my profits add up at the consignment sale (I spent it all, but hey!  Bauer's got a mighty fine second-hand winter wardrobe!).
And most fun of all, I had a little photo-shoot with the kids!
 photo DSC079542_zpsfa98b594.jpg
{while her smile looks off, you can't really tell she has no front teeth lol}

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pears, please

For some reason, when I was contributing for my co-op basket a couple weeks ago, and I saw that they had an offering for 12lbs of assorted Oregon pears, I thought, "gee, that's a good deal!" and I bought them. Twelve. Pounds.
Emberly got a cut pear in her lunch ever day for two weeks, but the other way I love a pear is with goat cheese!  Either baked with butter and cinnamon (and the goat cheese mixed with honey and vanilla) or in a kale salad.  Bomb!
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 photo DSC07859_zps2df742c5.jpg

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Forty-one of Fifty-Two

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 photo 00652c09-87a7-4f0f-a964-dbc9a13f53b9_zps4369a959.jpg
BONUS! We peeked at Baby 3 yesterday for our anatomy scan; here's a nice, creepy sonogram image of the face! Love that skull! ;)
 photo 6013c5a5-27e9-4df3-84d2-cd1f135a00b5_zps1a6ebfc1.jpg

Friday, October 11, 2013


Hands down the easiest way to transition into fall: throw a cardigan on top.  And belt for extra belly *bump*.
 photo DSC07850_zpse7454e6f.jpg
{cardigan: F21, top: NY&Co, belt: Target, jeans: AE, shoes: Sperry}

 photo DSC07868_zpsa60ae7e9.jpg
{cardigan and pant: Target, top: Express}

 photo DSC07869_zpsd7ea4e78.jpg
{shoe: Bandolino}

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fifty Percent

 photo 973b15ea-a24c-436f-9671-53906268afe5_zpsedff2e19.jpg
dress: j. crew, sandals: sam edelman
We've reached the half-way point!
I've been feeling lots of movement for a while now, and next week we'll get to peek in there at this little one for our anatomy scan (sex hopefully remaining a surprise for birth!).
My belly has been used for a pillow a couple times.
The ligament pain already has some intense moments; I tried to do a burpee challenge (100repsx100days) with a girlfriend that's into crossfit and I was doing well, but I'm going to have to modify it for myself.  I feel fine performing them (with my support belt), but it's been hurting to get out of bed at night and if you've ever known a pregnant woman, about twice a night at least is par for the course!
{p.s. sorry, Dad, I haven't cleaned the trash mirror lol}

Friday, October 4, 2013


An even bigger collection of outfit photos in my broken, dirty, garage mirror.  You're welcome! {the Ritz Camera out here is gone!  I don't know where to get my camera fixed!}
 photo DSC07789_zps870022a0.jpg
shirt: (super old) INC, shorts: NY&Co, belt: Target, shoes: Sperry

 photo DSC07792_zps7188257e.jpg
top: (super old) Express, pant: ASOS, shoes: Sam Edelman

 photo DSC07800_zpsc2e44a19.jpg
everything: Target

 photo DSC07807_zpsb618c70d.jpg
cardi: F21, shirt: AE, skirt: H&M, sandal: Pink & Pepper

 photo DSC07816_zps77c2a7ec.jpg
top, cardi and belt: F21, pants and shoes: Target

 photo DSC07824_zpsca8aa1d5.jpg
top and vest: NY&Co, shorts: Target, sandal: Pink & Pepper

 photo DSC07830_zpseb7c92ca.jpg
shirt: Nordstrom, shorts: AE, shoes: Sperry

 photo DSC07837_zpse877aaae.jpg
everything but shoes: F21, sandal: Sam Edelman

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Belly for Fall

I've picked out a few things online that would be wonderful for sporting a belly in fall!
 photo fallcollage_zpsb1e692a9.jpg

1: Low rise cords, Madewell
2: Matte maternity leggings, ASOS
3: Faux wrap maternity dress, ASOS
4: Scattered hearts blouse, J. Crew
5: Turtleneck maxi, American Apparel
6: Swing dress (top), Nasty Gal
7: Open geo cardi, Forever 21
8: Dolman sleeve tee, American Apparel
9: Drape cardi, Forever 21

Notice only two items are actually maternity.  Sometimes it's better/easier to just choose items with spandex content and/or size up!