Monday, October 21, 2013

The Weekend

I used this weekend to get on top of things!
I went through my shoes.  Some of them are tied to some really fun modeling memories or club nights but I let them go!
I cleaned our bathroom.  Just Damon and I use it so it doesn't end up getting the attention the powder room and guest/kid bathroom get.
I finally talked to our babysitter after she'd been gone all summer.  She came and watched the kids while we went on a date to see some friends from out of town.
I watched my profits add up at the consignment sale (I spent it all, but hey!  Bauer's got a mighty fine second-hand winter wardrobe!).
And most fun of all, I had a little photo-shoot with the kids!
 photo DSC079542_zpsfa98b594.jpg
{while her smile looks off, you can't really tell she has no front teeth lol}

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