Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fifty Percent

 photo 973b15ea-a24c-436f-9671-53906268afe5_zpsedff2e19.jpg
dress: j. crew, sandals: sam edelman
We've reached the half-way point!
I've been feeling lots of movement for a while now, and next week we'll get to peek in there at this little one for our anatomy scan (sex hopefully remaining a surprise for birth!).
My belly has been used for a pillow a couple times.
The ligament pain already has some intense moments; I tried to do a burpee challenge (100repsx100days) with a girlfriend that's into crossfit and I was doing well, but I'm going to have to modify it for myself.  I feel fine performing them (with my support belt), but it's been hurting to get out of bed at night and if you've ever known a pregnant woman, about twice a night at least is par for the course!
{p.s. sorry, Dad, I haven't cleaned the trash mirror lol}

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  1. You are so tiny!! Such a cute pregnant girl :) Congrats on this pregnancy! :)