Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have a love /hate relationship with running. It seems that a run is either torturously bad or zen-quality-clarity good. Today was one of those days where my breathing just hit a rhythm and I didn't check the clock/pace/distance every 20 seconds, and my 50min was up before I knew it. I just ran and thought. Runs like these make me think about training for another half-marathon. Bauer lets me sleep pretty well, and I often wonder how well I would do not pregnant. hmmmmmmmm...


  1. youre nuts. I hate running. lol. Thats why I do the eliptical. It seems easier and I STILL watch the time. haha

  2. I love cross training on the elliptical! I like to set the resistance really high and then when I run, it's like flying!