Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Great Date

Want to laugh really hard while feeling like a horrible person?  Daniel Tosh can help!  Damon and I went to see him at the Mirage last weekend (his anniversary gift!) and it was a great show.  He's such a jerk and I wonder how much of it is his genuine personality and how much of it is exaggeration for comedic effect.  My favorite part might have been the nervous way the couple next to us glanced at me while they were laughing at a bit he did about if people would stop having kids.  It's okay people, I wouldn't come to a Daniel Tosh set if I was easily offended!
I'm still randomly laughing out loud when particular jokes pop into my mind...
 photo DSC08863_zps944034d8.jpg
{in the Terry Fator theater}

 photo DSC08859_zpsbf2821a2.jpg
{with the munchkins prior to leaving}

 photo DSC08855_zps8f24a61f.jpg
Blazer & Necklace: F21, Top & Booties: Nordstrom, Leggings: Asos

 photo DSC08850_zps1835e7f3.jpg

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