Monday, July 1, 2013


My birthday was Friday!  I documented it with a picture per hour.  And you know I'm old (30!!) because after the kids went to bed, I fell asleep before I had opportunity to take a final picture or two.
 photo DSC07117_zpse505cd8d.jpg

 photo DSC07118_zps86463951.jpg

 photo DSC07120_zps14fa8fd7.jpg

 photo DSC07125_zpsb2a13115.jpg

 photo DSC07128_zps01cb030f.jpg

 photo DSC07131_zpse14b6879.jpg

 photo DSC07134_zps64d663e0.jpg

 photo DSC07135_zpsb0c60276.jpg

 photo DSC07136_zpse31374ad.jpg

 photo DSC07137_zps8d24a9c8.jpg

 photo DSC07138_zps583285ec.jpg

 photo DSC07139_zps0361b07f.jpg

 photo DSC07140_zps814fcd17.jpg

 photo DSC07141_zps026df64e.jpg

 photo DSC07142_zpsfd71e62c.jpg

 photo DSC07146_zps19bfc761.jpg

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