Monday, November 25, 2013

Work Flow + Pregnancy Brain

I telecommute so when I have a conference where I actually get dressed and make eye contact with people, it's kind of exciting!
Not exciting: pregnancy brain.  I honestly don't remember having these issues the first two times.  Maybe I wasn't as busy.  Or maybe 3rd babies need mommy's brain power.  But in a matter of days I forgot so many things that it was hard to laugh about it!  I dumped a bunch of mail at the post office with no postage.  I drove to the library, pulled right up to the drive up book drop only to realize I'd left the books at home on my dining table.  So when I packed my bag for trip, I took my time; carefully planning what I'd wear and doing the appropriate laundry.  And then left the items I washed right there on the bed next to the bag.  Of course I didn't discover the missing bra and shirts until I already hundreds of miles from home and taking my dress pants out of the bag to prevent wrinkling.  Luckily I had a local girlfriend that was able to run me by the mall to rectify the situation.  I'm at a loss for combating this gestational scatterbrained-ness!  Taking my time and making lists was a false sense of security!
 photo DSC08373_zpsbf0f3cbc.jpg

 photo DSC08375_zps1283eb6a.jpg

 photo DSC08376_zps0772cf29.jpg
Top: Target, Cardi: F21, Pant: Victoria's Secret, Boot: DV via Nordstrom

 photo DSC08387-1_zps97be9860.jpg

 photo DSC08391_zpsa84721d8.jpg
Sweater: H&M (my friend had to take me to pic it up; the shirt under doesn't cover my belly!), Shirt: AE, Pant: Target, Boot: DV via Nordstrom

 photo DSC08394_zps96f6962c.jpg

 photo DSC08393_zpse23f1532.jpg
Cardigan: F21, Pin: H&M, Jean: AE, Boot: DV via Nordstrom

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