Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two Months

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I've been mother to three for two months!
I have to say Charlize has slipped right on in.  There have been a couple difficult days, but by and large, this transition has been smooth!  I wear her a lot and while it does free up my hands, there are lots of things I still don't like to do while I have her in the wrap.  So when I've got her napping in the pack-and-play, it's a crap shoot on whether I'll be super productive and work out or go into a cleaning frenzy or do meal prep, OR just veg on my sofa enjoying the freedom of posture provided by not having a baby strapped to me.  Also, for some unknown reason, I envisioned it being cool for longer into her infancy.  It's hot already.  So between the demands of nursing and wearing a wrap all day (with out without baby in it), I rarely venture away from leggings and a tank with a shelf bra (to secure nursing pads).
I went back to work, albeit part time, two weeks ago and even that has been smooth.  I still hate pumping, but Charlize is more quickly accepting of the bottle than Bauer was when he started daycare at 4mo, so that is a relief!
It's also neat to see Damon as a third time dad.  His confidence and responsiveness have at least quadrupled since Emberly was a baby.
She is such a joy and I already have a hard time remembering what our life was like before she got here!  Seriously, what was I doing all day?

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