Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bus Stop

Most mornings mean hanging out at the bus stop.
Bauer LOVES the bus stop.  He hops around making faces at random parents and big kids.  He finds berries in the rocks and tries to climb trees.  He tries to fasten himself back into the stroller.  He gets his heart broken when his plans to board the bus are foiled daily.
But my favorite thing to watch is when he gets all up in his sister's mix.  "What are you guys doing?! I'm just going to insert myself in the middle of your girl huddle and check it out."  Luckily, she and the other little girls rarely mind.

AND, I've stumbled on some nice cheap finds online and in-store too.  Mostly fall stuff that it's still too warm here for, but a few tanks and things too.

Cardi: H&M
Tank: Crewcuts
Skirt: Cherokee
Sneakers: Paisley

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