Monday, January 21, 2013


I've always been a fan of Latin food so my trip to Costa Rica and my thorough enjoyment of "casados" renewed my love for beans and rice.  It's really such a cheap, easy, and tasty meal.
I like making it all in one pot and making enough for plenty of leftovers all at once.  I think the secret to an especially delicious rendition are a well seasoned meat and "sofrito:" a blend of garlic, peppers and onion sauteed down to almost a puree.  Yum.
 photo DSC06024_zps9af02837.jpg
Jalapeno chicken sausage starred in this weekend's dish

 photo DSC06025_zpseb1e4213.jpg
Cooking down the sofrito

 photo DSC06029_zps6830522f.jpg
seconds {or maybe 3rds}

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  1. Yummy! Email me the recipe! I'll have to puree the onions because onions suck hairy balls but I think the jalapeno chicken will cut the onion flavor enough to enjoy!