Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet & Spicy

I LOVE sweets.
I LOVE spicy food.
I'm discovering that I quite like them together.  I love the bite of ginger mixed with chocolate.  But pepper is surprisingly yummy too!  I had forgotten about a very tasty holiday cookie I made in 2011 featuring crystallized ginger, black pepper and cardamom when I had a cayenne pepper mousse at Estebans when I shared tapas with my boss.  It inspired me to buy a little bar of dark chocolate with sea salt and black pepper a while ago at Trader Joe's.  And then I let curiosity overcome me when we were out for our anniversary and I saw "Hot Mess" on the cocktail menu at Firefly: Stoli Hot, watermelon puree, agave, fresh sour.  It was amazing!

Here are some interesting recipes I'm dying to try!
Stoli Hot Starlet (Stoli Hot N’ Juicy)
Click here to find out more!

Chocolate-Black Pepper Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Mousse

Are there any odd combinations you like that are unexpectedly delicious?!

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