Monday, February 4, 2013


create an animated gif

create an animated gif

I did not have luck with my camera this weekend!  We had breakfast at this adorable restaurant in Caesar's Palace, Serendipity, and there were sooo many photo ops and of course I'd somehow left my camera at home.  And then, we went to a friend's home to watch the Super Bowl and I got a picture of Emberly dancing with Beyonce's half-time show... but, I'd left my memory card at home and so the picture  is on my camera's memory and heck if I know where I've put the USB cable for that!
So outfit GIF it is.  Emberly wore this to breakfast, the gym and miscellaneous Saturday errands!
 photo DSC061532_zps6eb610fc.jpg

Top, tights: GAP (Christmas gifts! Thanks, Auntie R)
Dress: Old Navy
Boots: Union Bay via DSW

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