Monday, April 1, 2013

So Grown

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!
It's here.  That time I got my body back to myself.  I've been pregnant and/or breastfeeding since August 2006.  I blogged before about how breastfeeding the 2nd time around was different and I predicted that Bauer would have weaned long before now because he was just so easy-going about it and Emberly needed nudging every step of the way.  He was only nursing a couple mornings a week at most when we went to Costa Rica, so I thought the trip apart might wean him.  Nope, he climbed into bed and asked the first morning we were back.  I decided that as soon as he went seven days without asking, we would consider ourselves weaned.  Well wouldn't you know that he had a 6th sense about it and nursed once every 5-7 days for the next several months!?  One does not maintain much of a supply with such little nursing so most sessions were composed of him going back and forth and proclaiming them empty until he was sure they were very empty.
Then, last weekend he latched on for half a second before an over-due nap.  And that was the last time he nursed.  I'm sure something devastating (to a 2.5yo) will happen that will make him think of nursing and make a request, but I'll get him his blankie and snuggle him close and remind him what a big boy he is now...
 photo DSC066191_zpsbee47a7b.jpg

...And remind myself that I still nourish and comfort him, even if not from my own body.  Bittersweet!

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