Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Breastfeeding the Second Time Around

Welcome Carnival of Breastfeeding visitors!!
Over at Blacktating (link removed as blog has since been taken down), I discovered that this month's "Carnival of Breastfeeding" is about subsequent nursing experiences. Which, coincidentally, I've been thinking about lately. Nursing Bauer has been essentially the same as nursing Emberly and yet different.
There were additional challenges having a preschooler to care for simultaneously (she's inevitably hungry or into something as soon as I would sit down to nurse), but the actual nursing is/was a breeze, thankfully. I also started sending him to daycare and going out a bit sans baby much sooner than I did with my daughter so pumping was a slightly more prominent pain in my butt (so excited to not have to do it on his daycare day after a mere 6 more weeks! I really feel for the breastfeeding mamas that work full time away from their babies!).
The nursing acrobatics and hair pulling and pinching and pushing phases are the same. Occasional soreness and engorgement, the same.
But, Bauer is much less attached to nursing. He rarely falls asleep nursing yet that was the only way Emberly would go to sleep 98% of the time. Nursing was the cure-all for anything and everything that bothered Emberly. Bauer is just as satisfied with being held and rocked usually. And Bauer has been very interested in solids since we started offering them in his 7th month, where as Emberly nursed every 2hrs hours well after 1 and wasn't too into food until she had several teeth. Bauer has slept for 12hr stretches at night without nursing several times and sleeps 6+hrs regularly. His sister held on to nursing even after my milk dried up while I was pregnant with him for a few weeks before relenting and weaning herself just before she turned 3. I predict that Bauer will wean himself between 18 and 24mo.
While I loved the nursing relationship when Emberly was little, I frequently would burn out and look forward to weaning. Something would always change (either my perspective or her habits) just when I would think maybe I wouldn't make it. I feel a little guilty admitting it, but I cherish and appreciate Bauer as a nursling more because he is so much less needy about it. I melt when he falls asleep nursing. I love laying in bed nursing in the early morning hours with him. I'm getting a little teary-eyed now just thinking about him all growed-up. Everything happens too fast, with every baby.

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  1. My Miles and your Emberly sound a LOT alike! I'm hoping baby No. 2 will be the breeze that it sounds like Bauer is. I, too, was really burned out with breastfeeding by the time Miles was about 18 months. Thankfully he was happy to cut back to twice a day at that age, but he continued to nurse until 3. I was SO done, but got a very short break before becoming pregnant again. All of my friends who have daughters say their girls were self-weaned by 15 or 16 months. Since this baby is a girl I wonder if that will have any impact on how long she nurses too.

  2. It is so interesting to read about the different experiences with different nurslings. They really are born with their unique breastfeeding style. I'll be interested to find out where you are at 18 months and beyond since so much happens.

  3. I don't think it's just their breastfeeding patterns--I just think it's easier to appreciate the preciousness of the not-first baby. With my first, I was just so overwhelmed that it was hard to live in the moment and not just wish for her to get bigger and things to get easier. With my second, I had her sister (who seemed HUGE at 3-1/2!), who reminded me by her very presence how quickly this all would pass. Which was lucky for me, since baby #2 was my intensely attached and voraciously nursing baby. An appreciation of how fleeting it all is helped me keep it in perspective and enjoy it while it lasted.

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