Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 Strikes, I'm out

Strike 1: Woke Bauer up only 20min into his nap to go to the chiropractor.
Strike 2: The chiropractor had the nerve to look at him.
Strike 3: Then the chiropractor dared speak to him.

Bauer flipped the funk out. Ever since his aunt held him against his will a couple weeks ago, his separation anxiety went from mild fussing and reaching for me to full-fledged "they're-trying-to-kidnap-me-mother, why-won't-you-help!!!?" meltdowns when strangers so much as look at him.
He did not calm down until we got all the way home and he could fall asleep nursing, still sniffling in his sleep from the trauma.
It is so rough being a baby.

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