Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This weekend my husband said something that he's said many times: that my sense of humor is "white." [insert eye-roll here] Because black people can never be witty. I think that's terrible and I got into a discussion about it with him and a cousin and wanted to share my conclusion on my blog. He's not the only person that makes comments like that by any means, but it's my best example. This day and age, why does black = hood? Why do we want to keep ourselves backed into that niche, and try to put down and take away black identity from anyone who steps at all outside of that?
I remember when I first went away to a college with a small, intimate black community and I was teased for using words that apparently a lot of people didn't know and being so "proper," another way of saying, "white." Which, whatever, I've been biracial my entire life and grew up in a primarily white community; I'm pretty much at peace with the fact that I'll simply never be black "enough" for some people. But I think some the self-maintained 'criteria' is pretty negative, sad and ridiculous. My identity is much broader and more inclusive than that.

Edited to Add: anyone catch the web redemption on last night's Tosh? Timely. LOL

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