Monday, June 20, 2011

I miss the "terrible" Twos

People talk about terrible twos. I liked two. She was an easily redirected, happy child. Come 3, her stubbornness and whine-endurance reached new heights. She has opinions. She thinks they matter. And apparently this affliction just gets worse each year until she moves out.
When she was two, I would make her little rompers and she would put them on with excitement (the fabric has mermaids or puppies!) and go about her business. Well, no more.
"This itches."
"I look like a baby."
"I wanna take this off."
{insert anxious fidgeting until permission is given}

Nothing is quite as irritating as when you've made your child something you thought tthey'd love only for them to poo-poo it.
But at least she's a good enough sport to model it for me before shedding it like an annoyingly damp swimsuit.

I also solved the maxi length issue I described here, by making my own, nice and long!

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  1. "They" say that every other year is the year you love. So you'll love four!

    So cute! Getting handy with that sewing machine, I see!