Friday, June 10, 2011

Practical Schmatical

I've talked about before how sometimes function trumps fashion because it's just not practical for mom-performance.
And sometimes I'm a total hypocrite.
I just felt like my brown tall wedges were *perfect* for my outfit.
So I wore them.
Everything was totally fine until I went to Trader Joes after picking up Emberly. It was crowded, so I opted to just carry Bauer, run thru and get my groceries and run out. Well, my groceries were kind of heavy. And as soon as I reached out to grab Emberly's hand before crossing the street, I knew that I had tipped the scale balanced so delicately on these skyscraper shoes. But it was too late. Fortunately, a tiny bit of skinned knee and embarrassment were the only consequence.
Lesson: get a freaking cart, or wear more practical shoes.
{i still think the wedges are cuter, but the sandals aren't bad...}

1 comment:

  1. Good lesson to learn, but at least you're humorous about it!! The flats definitely work well, too.
    I learned the hard way to when P was younger and I would take him to the mall....Shopping for a couple of hours + three - plus inch heels + heavy purse + equally heavy baby = Serious. Back. Pain.