Friday, September 6, 2013

End of Summer Wedding

Damon and I went to a wedding in Newport Beach Labor Day weekend.  First, I had to get pull-ups for Bauer.  We're supposed to be transitioning to undies for sleep when we ran out of our current pack, but wouldn't you know that event ended up coinciding with this trip and I didn't want to put that burden on my sister-in-law who was watching him while we were out having adult fun.  So I went to the awful-est Wal-Mart I've ever been to (let's face it, they're all pretty awful) because I wasn't familiar enough with the area to know where else to go.  I was in the store nearly an hour.  To purchase pull-ups.  Insert me looking at the time on my phone every five seconds, imagining myself ripping the package open and emphatically throwing pull-on diapers at everyone around me in the check out.
On top of rushing, it was unusually warm for the LA area.  So I sweat like I worked out.  Using hot tools in my hair was not going to be fun; not to mention how easy it is to put make up on a sweaty face.
But I managed to calm down and cool down and get ready in 30 minutes less than I'd wanted to give myself!
 photo DSC07633_zpsc2385329.jpg
{hair curled and pinned}

 photo DSC07635_zps589b1c93.jpg
{make-up applied}

 photo DSC07653_zpsf27ad525.jpg

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