Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That's Yummy

I've been thinking about something and getting pissed off about it.
Whenever someone has dramatic weight loss, they talk about changing the way they think about food.
Food is for nutrition.
I agree. But it also tastes wonderful. It's pleasurable to eat and feel full. So it's very counter-intuitive to deny it as a celebratory outlet. Filling up on delicious food is an easy go-to reward, because it feels good. It's why I'll always choose cheesecake over, say, scrubbing up my baseboards. Neither baseboards, nor baseboard cleaner taste very good.
I don't think that's something I can turn off completely in my head, to seek out nutrition over yumminess. I can be really good about it, for a really long time, but there's always a binge period. And I'm not denying myself when I'm being good. I let myself have reasonable portions of tasty things. But something in me ultimately wants to overdo it.
Maybe I'm just a filthy hedonist.

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  1. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I cant diet. Thats why I am doing the 30day Shread. It works, and I know exercising everyday is good for you.