Sunday, May 1, 2011

Faceless Internet

I was thinking about how the places I come across mean-spirited people are mostly within online communities. And it just so happened that I watched an episode of Glee on my DVR today that talked about how the anonymity of today's technology gives people the freedom to be... mean. So I thought about it some more, about the significance of that. I think it's kind of sad. Because I don't think I actually come across any fewer mean people in real life, it just means that most mean-spirited people are also cowards, who only have virtual balls by which they try to tear people down. Nothing says confident and self-assured like being an a$$hole with only an avatar and screen-name for an identity. And that's not to say I'm saintly or really even nice. But I'm pretty much equally so in *real life.* I think it's scary that, in my case, these people are parents. And we wonder why bullying is such a problem today. Go figure.
Speaking of meanies and haters, let me tell you about my husband's latest joke LOL
Emberly got a collection of sock monkeys for her birthday.
Guess what he had to say when Emberly decided the largest was a mommy monkey?
"Well, it does look just like your mommy, with lipstick on." :| LMAO So rude, right?


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