Monday, April 16, 2012


I told Emberly she could shimmy the pole on her own.  I had to spot her a couple times, but she did it!

I told her that playing in the grass was going to make her itchy.  She proceeded to roll down the huge hill at the park anyway.  And she ran down the hill and bit it face first too.

Then minutes later she was complaining of itching.  Then came hives.  Then came inconsolable crying about how bad it itched.  She shivered (I don't know if this was "involuntary" as in part of the reaction or as in part of having a high-strung nearly-5-year-old) while hysterically crying the whole way home where she showered and took some antihistamine.  I also added a little hydro-cortisone cream to her lotion for good measure.  She persisted in being dramatic about it until the hives faded away.  Then everything was fine.  And maybe she learned that mommy's always right.  But probably not.

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