Friday, June 22, 2012

What to Pack

Summer Vacation, hip-hip-hooray!
I've posted before about my love for the challenge to pack light (and save baggage fee$).  Well, it's time again.
We're in the humid south for 7 days.  I picked my outfits by starting with a piece and choosing 2 ways to wear it.  And then taking each of those pieces and selecting another way to wear it.  And so on, until I had 8 outfits out of 8 articles of clothing.
1)J.Crew 2)AE 3)AE 4)H&M 5)NY&Co 6)F21 7)Target 8)Target
Oh, and of course bathing suits and workout clothes, just in case.

For the kids, I stuck mostly with dresses/one-pieces and then two bottoms and two tops for each.  While I plan for them to wear articles a couple times, I plan for more extra with them since kids are prone to accidents.
The kids will wear the one pair of shoes they bring (sandals) to the airport, I'll wear my sneakers and one pair sandals will be in my bag.  Voila, everything in one carry-on sized bag!


  1. awesome post! I have that high/low ikat print skirt from Target...I loved it so much that I bought it when I was pregnant and couldn't wear it, just so I wouldn't miss out! I'm just waiting to lose maybe 5 more lbs. before I finally wear it!

  2. I can't wait to see how you style it!