Thursday, June 7, 2012

What was I thinking

The other day it was still early in the afternoon when Damon left and I was at a loss as to what to do with the munchkins.  Town Square popped into mind with its playground and splash pad.  Off we went.  I decided, Bauer could get even more exercise if I made him walk instead of using the stroller.
I wasn't high, really.  But maybe I had sun stroke?
It was fine at first.  He walked holding my hand and following my directions and just being a cute little almost-two-year-old.  But we went in H&M and he realized that he could dance to the music.  Okay fine.  But then he wanted to hop off.  And then he saw his sister looking at jewelery and trying on hats and he wanted to touch stuff too.  And then when I tried to calmly instruct him, he would laugh maniacally and attempt to run away.
It was an experience.  I'm sure he enjoyed it much more than I.
But hey, I did get a picture of my other cutie pie smoochy wookems.


  1. lol at him dancing in h&m!!! i would have loved to see that. and she's a cutie...

  2. She is simply ADORBS!!

    LOL at the 2yr letting loose :) Sorry I knw u had it rough :)