Thursday, August 30, 2012

Unblissful Ignorance

I finally stopped ignoring my constant sinus headache and made an appointment with an allergist.  I originally had to wait until November for my appointment, but a cancellation allowed me to be seen a couple weeks ago.  Although an asthmatic episode earlier this summer was what prompted me to action, I felt my asthma was well controlled (maybe even cured!) and that I generally didn't have trouble breathing.  A breathing test proved that I must have just been deteriorating too slowly to realize that I wasn't really taking deep breaths.  A skin test showed that I'm allergic to most of the trees in southern Nevada and all the grasses and most of the molds.  So, I've been prescribed all my old medications and may even be looking at another round of allergy shots (I got them for years as a child, but I live somewhere new now, with new allergens).  So I'm not cured. *sigh* But, I am excited about the disappearance my sinus headache and thankful that I did get in when I did so that I can train for my race with fully functioning lungs (pushing through chest discomfort and coughing weren't my best ideas?!  I guess subconsciously thought that as long as I didn't have an asthma attack, I was fine.).
I leave you with this lovely picture of my allergic reactions during the skin test.  While not painful, it was less than pleasant!


  1. i've done needling for my face and acupuncture

    Xo Megan

    1. I need to learn more about this "needling!" And I should probably ask my chiropractor more questions; he does do acupressure and offers many homeopathic remedies and I often forget!