Friday, February 4, 2011

Beast Mode

So we've gone over part one of my plan to avoid depression: doing the 30 for 30 and forcing myself to at least attempt some cuteness every day. The other part: insane exercise. I'm going to do the 6 tunnels half again. I decided that last week, so I only have 6wks to get my longest run from 4mi to 13mi. I ran 6mi Friday, then 8mi on Monday. It felt good! I expected to be so sore after the hilly 8 miler, but I wasn't at all. I guess I'm going to come across a lot of pleasant surprises doing this not pregnant versus my experience (which I thought was good) training last year.
I've pumped up my running playlist and I'm not as nervous running outdoors anymore. I'm not, as they say, "f*cking around" anymore. Time to ditch this last 10lbs.

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