Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blood Secrets

I have an affinity for true crime shows.  My brother Brandon used to think I was so morbid and weird for watching them all the time back when I still lived at home, and then one day I caught him watching them in his room.  And we'd have random discussions about whether one of us had seen a particular episode.  They're addictive!  To a lesser degree, I enjoy Law & Orders and CSIs.  And of course there's Dexter.
So that's why when I was browsing the "new book" shelf at the library, Blood Secrets caught my eye.  It's the memoirs of a pioneer in the field of blood spatter examination and crime scene reconstruction.  He details how his career in law enforcement led him there and he recounts true cases and exactly how the blood evidence helped solve the crime.  My favorite case story was his interpretation of Nicole Brown's and Ron Goldman's murder, mainly because it's a scandal I remember and have seen plenty of specials about on television.
It's a fantastic book for anyone who's "morbid and weird" like I!

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