Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Persausive Lady

We made the mistake of taking our MJ cd into Daddy's car.  We have not managed to get it back.  The radio never seems to be playing anything good (and seriously, is it a requirement that you be an idiot and/or ignorant to be a radio dj?!? please, just don't talk).  Emberly found a cd in my car that she wanted to listen to.  I explained to her that this cd was made pre-Emberly and that there was unacceptable language on it.  She then engaged me in a rather convincing debate about it.  The most compelling points being:
  1. She's four.  When she was three, she may have been tempted to say bad words that she hears, but her self control and maturity have grown leaps and bounds since then.
  2. Bauer's a baby.  He doesn't even know what bad words are and so he won't try to say them.
Her persuasion skills are definitely up there, but I've been trained to resist.  We really need our Michael Jackson hits cd back.

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