Thursday, November 3, 2011


I came across an article while I was wasting time on Facebook.  I read it and was irritated.  It was about the woman who recently finished a marathon whilst 39wks pregnant.  You can probably deduce my feelings on it given my blog dedicated to having a fit pregnancy with my son.  It went on to talk about the unfair pressures on women and how she may have unintentionally set the bar even higher.  Insert me rolling my eyes so hard that they may fall out of my head.  Pressure to be a size 2 a week after you give birth = bad.  Pressure to stay in shape and not gain excessive weight for a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery = good.  Obviously every woman isn't going to run a marathon.  Most will still view pregnancy as her time to eat as she pleases and relax.  But if she inspired one pregnant woman to get off the couch and walk her dog an extra block, then good.

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  1. No kidding. I was so unhealthy my last pregnancy and I am determined to do better this time and keep exercising. It's literally depressing me that I haven't been as up to par with eating (seems like the only things that appeal to me right now are carbs) and exercising as I would like. I want to be healthy, but sometimes it seems like the control you have over your body while pregnant is just not very high.