Monday, November 14, 2011


...And it feels so good...
My dad came to visit this weekend.  I hadn't seen him since I my sister's graduation, when I was still pregnant.  So he met Bauer for the first time!  My sibling also hadn't seen him since then, so they came out as well.  Good times!
@ Damon's soccer game. My dad mostly helped Emberly play games on his phone and I mostly chased Bauer around the complex.
Just a photo-op
@ the farmer's market
@ Border Grill
My Dad and I also saw Immortals.  It was okay.  Damon and I debated the best action flicks of the summer, because we had to pick what to watch with my dad.  Damon says Captain America and Transformers.  I say X Men First Class and Thor.  We watched the latter, so I think that means I won :D

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