Friday, February 24, 2012


I wanted to price out eyeshadow primer so we went by Sephora.  There were a couple of seemingly unattended 8-9yo girls rabidly applying and washing off as much tester makeup as they could.  So of course Emberly wanted some makeup.  I told her she had to pick out ONE eyeshadow and ONE lipstick and she could try it before we left.
Of course, she went with a glittery blue and a bright pink.  I didn't have the heart to tell her she's not Barbie.

A lot of style bloggers seem to have husbands and friends with photography skills that are willing to help them out with outfit posts.  I can just imagine Damon's complete put-upon disinterest.  Self-portraits, gorilla-pod work and Emberly shots are probably the best I'm ever going to get.  Maybe I'd feel more strongly about that if I'd had better?  I don't know... but I'm kind of sad that a blogger I've been followed for a while thinks she'll quit since she no longer has a reliable photographer.
Oh, well, here are my poor quality photos for the week :D

Jacket & Boots: Target
Scarf: handmade
Cardigan: NY&Co
Skirt: F21


  1. Try a tripod and remote. if no DSLR you can still use a tripod and the self timer on the camera above.

  2. ^^I actually have something called a Joby gorillapod that while a tripod does have some advantages over it, it's really versatile. Most pictures "on location" are taken using it. It's just difficult to go different places and self-timer pictures while corralling impatient little ones. I don't dislike my "crappy" pictures, I just wonder how different my experience would be if I had a photographer!

  3. Your daughter is aDORable!!! And I love your skirt - I just got one quite similar at H&M. Totally not warm enough here to wear it yet though:(