Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Pusskins

At our last trip to the library they had a Valentine's themed display of children's books up.  While Emberly insists upon trolling the section for grade school aged kids, I was able to convince her to pick one that caught my eye:
Mr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers: Another Love Story
We absolutely loved it.  Maybe I more than she since it reminded me of two kitties I had as a child (Angel and Bisou, if my mom or sister are reading this).  Mr. Pusskins is a tad cranky and irritable, much like myself ;) and the perspective of the story used humor I found very relatable.  For instance, the use of quotation marks for hyperbole.
And in my search for a picture to use here, I discovered that Mr. Pusskins has a series of books (yeah, I totally missed the "sequel" blurb on the cover).  We hope the library has them all!


  1. I remember Angel very fondly, but have no idea who "Bisou" is?

  2. Bisou was Luke and Pepper's sister! The white kitten that wasn't deaf. She obsessively followed and bothered Angel.