Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bedtime Fun

I used to really dread bedtime.  I might have blogged about it.  I'll have to look and if I find it, I'll link.
Anyway, it might be my favorite time of day now.
And not just because it's succeeded by 9+hrs of quiet.
For a few weeks now, we've had an hour of screen-free time prior to bed.  We color, play board games, dance and sometimes read (Bauer is really anti-reading for a reason still unknown to me... he doesn't just dislike being read to, he doesn't care for others to be reading in his presence).
The dancing is usually the best.  And then one night Bauer wanted to have races.  It was ridiculously cute.


And then the actual getting ready for bed?  The teeth brushing and the flossing and the jammie-getting-on.  It seems like it should be tiresome, but it's not.  Bauer running away from me mid diaper change and hiding in the same spot over and over again.  Tackling his sister and her reflexive squealing.  It's downright fun.
And then there's peace!

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