Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I thought of the outfit I wanted to wear to Damon's and my anniversary dinner a couple days before and I was excited.  And then we went to a huge kid birthday party that day.  And someone (ahem) maybe drank a lot of punch with ice cream in it.  Said someone took a lactase supplement before drinking it, but maybe pregnancy hormones cancelled it out or something?  I ended up with painful trapped gas.  I drank hot lemon water all afternoon and proceeded to get dressed just *knowing* it was going to pass.  It got a little better, but not really.  I did not want to waste a more-expensive-than-we-usually-do dinner being careful not to further upset my tummy.  So we went and saw American Hustle with me dressed like this.  The nice thing about Vegas is that the theaters are in the casino resorts so it's not completely weird that I'd be there dressed like this.
 photo 886bebeb-0edc-4882-83dc-8d3aafb7b2b1_zps481165bb.jpg

 photo DSC08724_zpsb563977e.jpg

 photo 0f612cca-a12f-44ae-8580-8d802bc64e76_zpsceadf989.jpg
Necklace, top and skirt: F21; Boots: Aldo
And then, we went to lunch on our actual anniversary and it was much less glamorous lol  But it was at a tried and true favorite place of ours and we were there together <3
 photo DSC08735_zps775d1a9f.jpg

AND... just for extra giggles, a pic from when we were dating
 photo b8c9651c-8780-4614-990c-21b292f6505b_zps72407d24.jpg

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