Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anticipation / Dread

The other night, I got the kids into bed right on time and they magically fell asleep without coming down the hall 100x to tattle or tell me about some imperative I'd forgotten (You didn't hug me!).  And I snuck out some chocolate I'd hidden and sat on my sofa, snuggled under my favorite throw when it hit me.
This is going to be over in about a month!
In about a month, bedtime will no longer be the light at the end of the tunnel that I can sprint toward on difficult days.  My nights will be just beginning.
I can only cross my fingers that this little one will quickly settle into our routine and be one of those babies that nurses and immediately falls back into slumber during the night.
But the nice thing about this being my third time to the rodeo is that I know even if baby isn't "easy," that babies are only babies for so long and that in all likelihood, I'll make it out alive!
It's easy to gloss over the work and sleeplessness involved when you spend 40+ weeks imagining who this new little person will be and can't wait to peer into a little face and steal all his/her sugar...  And, this time I have two excited little helpers!

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