Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chez Emberly

A long long time ago, I bought Emberly an heirloom quality play kitchen. She thought it was cool when she got it, but then lost interest. Over the last 2yrs, she's slowly gotten more dishes and play food and she plays with it more and more. It's one of the pretend things I really enjoy doing with her.
Last night, she invited my sister, Bauer and I into her room to enjoy her restaurant. She showed us the specials on the wall. Tucked napkins into our collars (Bauer preferred that his serve as an appetizer). She took our orders on a state-of-the-art digital pad and convinced us to try the dessert special. My sister's food took an insanely long time, but that's pretty reflective of how they play lately. And halfway through, she excused herself to take the elevator up to her apartment above the restaurant and chastise her puppy, who was apparently making a mess up there while she was hard at work.
It was all so funny and cute. Kids. are. awesome.

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