Monday, January 24, 2011


I have SO many things racing in my head today. The coffee probably didn't help. Anyway, I'm itching to post but I can't think of any one thing to write about. So I found a free writing prompt site and picked one. It said to pick an old album and write about picture #14. I clicked "view all" on my photobucket account and found the 14th picture ever uploaded. Voila.
These are all high school friends of mine. We've met at this posh Mexican restaurant Zocalo in Sacramento's midtown, to spend time specifically with Nestor, the handsome Latin gentleman to my left (well, right in the photo), who was visiting from New York. I'm really happy at that point in my life. I had just met my now husband earlier that month. In fact, I drove back to Sacramento from Oakland just to see Nestor, and I believe I drove back to Oakland that night. Because infatuation gives you the patience to drive back and forth and back again. Aside from the BFF, I don't think I'd seen the other HS peeps in years at this point. And I actually haven't seen any of them since! I was insanely thin and deliciously tan, thanks to waking up to go the Elk Grove California Family Fitness at 4:30am daily and a nearly constant flow of runway work to keep me motivated. My life is so totally and completely different in less than a year from when I took this picture. And I really don't think I'd change any of it. I'm blessed!

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