Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Entirely Attainable

I don't really wait for an arbitrary date to set goals, so New Year's time is typically just a time for reflection on how I'm doing on my current goals and things I think will happen in the year. But a girlfriend of mine had a pretty funny post about attainable goals. Totally going to copy.
1) Hug and kiss on my children until they push me away, daily.
2) Work. A few hours, a few days a week.
3) Try a new cookie/cake recipe once a month (did I mention the RADICAL kitchen-aid stand mixer I got for Christmas?? Don't be jealous, it's unbecoming).
4) Knit something. Or several somethings. My yarn stash runneth over.
5) Gain a pound (all over this one, see #3).
6) Make fun of my husband. Daily.
7) Laugh, also daily (see #6).

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