Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Have I Survived

Four years of marriage? Definitely not because we've been floating around with cupid's arrows in our necks. And not that four years is even that long, but I'll share some things that I've learned (or learning still, really).
Compromise and picking one's battles. We're not going to want the same things all the time, pure and simple.
Giving (or attempting to give) 100% all the time. Trying to keep things "even" doesn't make me happy.
Ask for what you want. I struggle with this one a lot still. There are things in life where if done because asked, just don't have the same meaning. But still better than nothing.
Have some beautiful kids. Fawning over them together brings us closer LOL
Like Asian food. Okay, so this might be specific to us, but still. My husband can eat Asian food all day, every day.
Here's to another year together!

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