Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shout Out

I'd like to do a shout out post to my husband, Damon.
We weren't together long before we moved out of state together and started a family. Having little kids and little local support is tough. We definitely know. And we're so blessed to have each other.
Damon isn't perfect, but he's perfect for me. We're opposites in several ways. While that means we can test each other's patience, it also means we compliment each other pretty well. We've forced each other to grow summarily.
I love me some Damon because:
1) He's a great provider. He wants the best for his family. He got his MBA so that he can do even better!
2) He supports my choices, especially in front of others, even if he teases me about it at home.
3) He likes to eat out but also he eats whatever I cook, even leftovers.
4) He can find a way to relate to just about anybody. I really wish this rubbed off, but so far, it really hasn't LOL
5) He's so easy to make fun of. A girl's gotta laugh.

He's my best friend; I love him forever and always!

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