Monday, August 8, 2011

Tasty Fail

My nephew is staying with us right now and this last weekend we went on a baking adventure.
He has been stuck on trying to make fondant for a cool little minute and at first wanted me to get these obscure ingredients from a recipe he found online. I did my own search and found one that used miniature marshmallows and other inexpensive ingredients that I would actually use again.
He and Emberly had a great time stirring in all that sugar.
Next, I made a chocolate butter cake to dress with fondant. And promptly destroyed it in my attempt to remove from the baking pans. A facebook inquiry quickly produced an idea for my destroyed cake: cake balls! I placed the cake in a bowl, finished crumbling it and stirred it to sticky goodness with lemon icing, rolled out the balls onto wax paper and refrigerated to firmness. I then dipped it in melted white chocolate and replaced in on wax paper. And because it was the end of Breastfeeding Week, I thought it'd be humorous to use some of the remaining miniature marshmallows from the fondant to make "nipples" so that the cake balls could resemble breasts. They didn't, really, but funny to me nonetheless! And not to mention, ridiculously rich and delicious.
Nephew set about making some flowers out of the fondant while I made another cake.
This time I let the cake cool, completely, before attempting to take it out of the pan. It still refused to come out whole! Defeated, we used our swiss buttercream icing and the cake stuck to the pan (which I both greased and floured, dammit!) to try to rebuild the layers. Then we covered it with fondant, for a beautiful, lopsided cake.
Whatever, it was still yummy :D

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! For Nathan's 4th birthday I make a race car cake and made the 'shell' from a fondant that I had dyed blue. It was so tasty. My recipe didn't use any butter tho.